The Loxton Murder

Noreen OConnorFrank and Emmy retired to Loxton, Somerset, after they left Chislehurst. Emmy needed nursing and had been attended by a German-born maid, Miss Marie Buls, but Marie had been interned as a foreign national when the 1939-1945 war started.

A new nurse, Noreen O’Connor, looked after Emmy until her death in 1943, and then became Frank’s housekeeper, nurse and companion until his death in early 1952.

Frank left Noreen a cottage called Gardeen in his will, and stipulated that Marie Buls, who had of course now been released, but was old an infirm, should be allowed to live there.

In 1954, Noreen brutally attacked and killed Marie, being convinced that she was releasing her from evil. Noreen was found guilty of the murder but declared insane. Peter Tiarks, Frank's son, gave evidence at the trial. Noreen was sent to Broadmoor, and later released to live at St Andrews Hospital in Northampton where she died in 1983.

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